Provides a hierarchical inheritance-based library of network packet types and protocols.


Interface Summary
ARPFields IP protocol field encoding information.
EthernetFields Ethernet protocol field encoding information.
EthernetProtocols Code constants for well-defined ethernet protocols.
ICMPFields ICMP protocol field encoding information.
ICMPMessages Code constants for ICMP message types.
IGMPFields IGMP protocol field encoding information.
IGMPMessages Code constants for IGMP message types.
IPFields IP protocol field encoding information.
IPPorts Code constants for ip ports.
IPProtocols Code constants for well-defined IP protocols.
IPVersions Code constants for internet protocol versions.
LinkLayers Link-layer type codes.
TCPFields IP protocol field encoding information.
TypesOfService Type of service code constants for IP.
UDPFields IP protocol field encoding information.

Class Summary
ARPPacket An ARP protocol packet.
EthernetPacket An ethernet packet.
EthernetProtocol Ethernet protocol utility class.
ICMPMessage ICMP message utility class.
ICMPPacket An ICMP packet.
IGMPMessage IGMP message utility class.
IGMPPacket An IGMP packet.
IPAddress IP address.
IPPacket An IP protocol packet.
IPPort IP port utility class.
IPProtocol IPProtocol utility class.
LinkLayer Information about network link layers.
MACAddress MAC address.
Packet A network packet.
PacketEncoding Packet encoding.
PacketFactory This factory constructs high-level packet objects from captured data streams.
RawPacket A captured packet containing raw data.
TCPPacket A TCP packet.
UDPPacket A UDP packet.

Package Description

Provides a hierarchical inheritance-based library of network packet types and protocols.

On an ethernet network, data is nested and encapsulated in headers. For example, an ethernet link-level header might encapsulate an IP or ARP header. An IP header can encapsulate a UDP datagram which contains a DNS protocol message.

In this package, the relationships between these packet types are expressed via inheritance and the individual packet classes encapsulate the details of each specific protocol.

The class PacketFactory converts raw byte data into packet instances.

Other utility classes in this package provide store the many port numbers, message types and codes associated with different protocols.