Class MACAddress


public class MACAddress
extends java.lang.Object

MAC address.

This class doesn't yet store MAC addresses. Only a utility method to extract a MAC address from a big-endian byte array is implemented.

Field Summary
static int WIDTH
          The width in bytes of a MAC address.
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static java.lang.String extract(int offset, byte[] bytes)
          Extract a MAC address from an array of bytes.
static long random()
          Generate a random MAC address.
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Field Detail


public static final int WIDTH
The width in bytes of a MAC address.

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Constructor Detail


public MACAddress()
Method Detail


public static java.lang.String extract(int offset,
                                       byte[] bytes)
Extract a MAC address from an array of bytes.

offset - the offset of the address data from the start of the packet.
bytes - an array of bytes containing at least one MAC address.


public static long random()
Generate a random MAC address.